AA & S is different from its competitors in that our maxim, “AA & S, One Health in Focus”, keeps us on track in offering the primary services and after-sale services through promoting and operating within the framework of the One Health/One Medicine Approach.

The One Health/One Medicine approach recognizes the significance of the intersection between animals and humans as they interact across a continuum of ecosystems. For example the Avian Influenza virus that threatens many nations originated from birds, and is then transmitted to humans and, this, threatens many nations.

Essentially then, the understanding of the animal health and human health intersection requires interdisciplinary collaboration and a deeper understanding of the oneness of medicine as well as health.

It is on this understanding that AA &S continues to work with institutions that interlink animal health and human health in embracing novel technology and research findings in producing and distributing efficacious vaccines and adopting measures to help prevent and control diseases of global epidemics, including highly pathogenic Avian Influenza in Ghana and West Africa.